Introducing Tropical SUPREME

Introducing Tropical SUPREME

HEADS UP: Tropical have recently released a couple of excellent products, relevant and aimed at all hobbyists. SUPREME and ECOCLAR. But first I am going to talk a bit about SUPREME.

I had the pleasure of working with this product in the early stages, and now I have the great pleasure in providing some of my findings along with how it ACTUALLY works.

Tropical SUPREME is a super-efficient water treatment product with aloe extract for quick conditioning of tap water intended to be used for your aquarium. Either as part of your regular water changes, or when starting up a new aquarium altogether.

SUPREME quickly neutralises toxic chlorine, heavy metals and other chemicals that are normally present in the tap water, which are absolutely fine for people, but not so much for our fishy friends.

Thanks to aloe extract, it has an anti-stress effect, soothes abrasions and accelerates the regeneration of damaged epidermis and scales, reducing the risk of inflammation and infections.

SUPREME works immediately! There's no need to wait around. As soon as you add it to your tap water, the water becomes safe instantly.

KEEP YOUR MONEY IN YOUR WALLET: Now here's the great part, SUPREME is excellent value for money, I would go as far as to say the most economical water conditioner currently on the market today. One tiny little bottle of 50ml SUPREME will treat 2500 litres of water, and what is better, is that will cost you less than a fiver! I know, I couldn't believe it either!

Here is the treatment dosage: 1 ml (approx. 25 drops) / 50 l of tap water. 

Word of warning: CAUTION! Do not use simultaneously with other water treatment products, apart from Tropical Bacto-Active, which you can apply after approx. 15 minutes. Other agents may be used after a minimum 24 hours.

I hope you find this brief blog useful, this great product is available in 50, 100 and 250ml bottle sizes, of which we keep all in stock for our hobbyist and trade customers alike. These products can be found online at

6th May 2020 DR Smith

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